Prayer Shawl Ministry


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Prayer Shawl Ministry

In session every Monday starting at 10 am to noon in the church library.  All knitters and crochers are welcome.  If interested we will be happy to teach beginners.

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Missions Food Cart

We are running the “Missions Food Cart.”  Thank you for participating in the mission project.  This mission project will be continued through the rest of this year. Project Response indicated a need for the following items: canned tuna, canned chicken, and canned beef items. They also need boxed meal items, ones that would make a complete meal by adding a canned protein item such as the above mentioned. Any and all items are appreciated but maybe we can focus on the canned meat for a few weeks to help build their supply. Canned protein items usually have long expiration dates. If you or those around you need the food items, please let Pastor Soyeong know.  This mission project is for those in need in our church and this community.

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Auburn UMC resuming Services

Services Resume
May 17, 2020 SERVICE

Guidelines for in-person worship at Auburn First UMC

1) If you are sick, vulnerable at-risk, or cannot leave your residence for any reason,

we encourage you to stay at home.

2) We encourage you to wear cloth masks and disposable gloves.

If you also have personal hand sanitizer, please bring it for yourself.

Bottles of hand sanitizer will be provided at church; however, there will not be enough for all who attend.

3) When you come to church on Sunday please enter through the south door of the Church only.

4) We encourage you to greet your friends by smiling, waving, etc. to avoid touching.

5) We will mark places for you to sit on each pew with tape or another clear indicator that are six feet apart. Please sit where it is marked to continue social distancing. Family units may sit together in a designated area.

6) Instead of passing the offering plates from one person to another, we will put the offering plate near the entrance of sanctuary. You may drop off your offering on your way into the sanctuary or as you are leaving.

7) We will remove all items including hymnals, Bibles, paper, pencils and so on from the pews. We recommend you view the screen as you worship.

However, bulletins will still be provided. Those will be in the pews.

We encourage you to wear gloves and throw it away as you leave the sanctuary.

8) We encourage you to exit our church building directly from the Sanctuary, allowing for 10 seconds between people. Family groups can exit together.

The Ushers may help to dismiss individual rows.

9) The pastor’s sermon will be provided to those who cannot attend through a Sermon video or voice recording.

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